Model G1 Tiny PC – DE
Embedded OS Ubuntu 22.04 Xfce – Desktop Environment
Tiny PC Processor Quad Core ARM A55 | 1.91 Ghz | 64 Bit
Tiny PC Emmc 16 GB Emmc 5.1
Built-in applications Remmina RD Client, Chromium, Firefox, Libre office, PDF viewer etc…
Connection to server Via 100 Mbps Ethernet or Wireless 2.4 Ghz
Graphics chip Gpu : G31™ MP2 with support for OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.0 & OpenCL 2.0
Supported Resolution Up to 1920*1080 | 1080P
External port USB 4 ports | RJ 45 | DC port | HDMI | Audio + Mic

G1 Tiny PC

G1 Tiny PC is a SOC – Single Board Computer. Comes with Pre-installed Ubuntu 22.04 Xfce OS

OS User Interface is simple and light weight, really stable and user friendly.


Tiny PC – designed with Quad Core processor and ample ram of 2 GB can fulfill your light office needs such as web browsing, accessing web-based applications, document processing, and audio/video playback.


Compared to regular Mini PC, it as a small CPU and price is inexpensive too,


Tiny PC can run 24/7 without any heating issues…


G1 Tiny PC undergo rigorous noise, vibration, drop, and thermal shock tests to ensure they meet industry requirements.

Be confident that Tiny PC can cope with extreme conditions, ranging from dry -40°C temperatures, to humid and hot environments exceeding 60°C for long periods of time.


G1 Tiny PC is embedded with Ubuntu; Tiny Computer as Ample ram and Good processor which can run productivity applications like Firefox, Chromium browser, Libre Office, PDF Viewer, Remmina RD Client; you can use this as a Compact Slim Mini PC and can run 24/7 without any heating issues…


We can provide Add on applications as per your requirement on this Tiny PC on bulk orders… Contact us for more clarifications