G1 Thin clients can reduce electricity consumption by up to 90% compared with general PCs. G1 Thin clients consumes merely 10W, when compared to the regular computer where approximately consumes 100W by a single PC. This means that you can reduce the energy consumption of each computer by up to 90%. The power savings alone will help you to recover the cost of purchasing the G1 thin clients within a year.


Maximum Computing; Minimum Cost The cost of a single desktop computer is about 14,000 – 19,000 approximately.. The cost of the installation of the complete thin client system, including thin client server, associated hardware/software, monitors, cables, keyboards, mouse and installation service approximately 60 per cent less than the implementation of 20 Regular standard computers. Similarly by installing thin client computer consumes just 10W energy, this leads to potentially lowering its annual energy costs by 90% when compared to standard computer


Since thin client does not have any CPU, hard disk, smps or cooling fan, there is almost no physical defect or damage to the hardware. You will only need to manage a single thin client server, which will reduce your repair, maintenance and management costs (such as system upgrading and computer replacement or repurchasing) by at least 70%.



Data security is the practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized user access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data. Most of the corporate companies manage all there data in Cloud storage and data servers. However, most of the small and medium-sized businesses have not been able take advantage of server-based data backup and security, due to high cost and maintenance. For these small and medium-sized businesses, thin client and server technology may be the optimal solution.



every 5 years regular computers many of there parts will be thrown away due to defects or hardware failure, Most of the PCs are scrapped after 6-8 years, This old Computers contains toxic materials like zinc, nickel, lead, barium and chromium. When we throw out computers, they wind up in landfills, causing the possibility of toxic metal leaching into the groundwater and effects environment. When you use G1 thin clients In addition to LED monitor for longer period this products creates less waste compare to a regular standard computer when it is scrapped, this leads to a decrease in ewaste volume and the landfills.


Only thin client server parts Like CPU, motherboard and hard disk need to be upgraded time to time as per your requirement, this thin clients connects to your upgraded computer or software over remote desktop connection


Thin client can be mounted behind the LED monitors; Thanks for its less weight and small in size, so that limited space can be used more efficiently when compared to bulky computers


In a space with multiple PCs a lot of heat is generated, so internal temperature must be controlled by using AC’s Lower energy consumption means also little heat generation As the CPU, motherboard and hard disk which generate a great deal of heat are in the thin client server pc only, G1 thin clients generate much less heat than ordinary PCs. It will not only reduce air conditioning costs, but also help prevent global warming..


Rooms that have only a single PC are not greatly affected by noise, while rooms with multiple PCs, such as offices, libraries, Internet cafes and computer rooms in schools generate a significant amount of noise. In most of these places, a quiet ambiance is desirable. with G1 thin clients, you can create an environment that is free from noise.