G for Green computing

G1 Thin clients typically consist of a monitor screen, a keyboard and a small device used for accessing one PC or server for all its needs, thus drastically reducing the cost for purchasing a full computer like hard drives, ram, processor & mother board….. For every user. It’s all loaded into one or a few select PCs and everybody uses the applications of those.

All programs of everyday life can be used with G1 Thin clients…to name a few ERP packages – SAP, ORACLE, PHP, Tally, Java, MS SQL based packages, oracle SQL, MS Office like – word, excel, PowerPoint; various browsers for surfing; e-mail clients like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, etc.; including C, C++, chatting (using keyboard) programs and even open source & customized packages.

Desktop Virtualization for Small & Medium Business

Thin clients operate by using software that enables users to virtually share a single host PC. Once this software is installed on a PC, multiple users can share a single PC, with each user running any application that they desire by using G1 thin clients, keyboards and mice as if they were using separate PCs. All computing tasks are done on the server, while the monitors, keyboards and mice of the users communicate with the server via LAN.

How it works?

Today, even entry-level PCs feature 3.0 GHz with 4 core processors and high-performance RAM. It is extremely wasteful for users to use these computing powerhouses for simple work or educational tasks, such as word processing, surfing the Internet and sending or receiving e-mails. However, thin clients let multiple users share the computing strength of a single PC.

The virtual desktop software of G1 thin clients divides computer resources into independent sessions, so that all users can simultaneously use a single PC. Users can individually enjoy a high-quality PC experience, while the PC transmits divided desktop screens to each user like a data administrator, and handles the separate keyboard and mouse of each user at the same time.

Low-Cost Computing Without the Hassles

Quick facts

  • Ultra low cost makes computing affordable everywhere
  • Works with standard office software
  • No re-training of staff or users
  • Mounts on monitors for clutter-free desks
  • Boots in seconds
  • Reduces energy consumption up to 90%
  • Data can be secured on a single shared PC
  • Supports Linux and Windows